High quality products

Traditional basque and seasonal cuisine.

At Rezola cider house, we offer a wide range of dishes beside the traditional cider house menu.

Cider house menu and Txotx all year round.

• Salt cod omelette

• Salt cod fried with peppers

• T-bone steak

• Cheese, quince jelly and walnuts

• Txotx (cider)

• Young wine

PRICE: 40€

During the txotx season (January 17th – April 30th) it is advisable to make a reservation, specially on weekends, when you risk to find our restaurant fully booked. Out of this season, however, there is a higher availability.

Rezola offers a wide space perfect for those who whish to enjoy a cider house atmosphere. We have high tables where you can eat while standing up, but you can also choose the regular tables to sit while having lunch/dinner. We will gladly thank your visit providing you a good quality service, as well as our carefully selected products.

Open every day in txotx season (Lunches and dinners). Weekly break: Mondays (out of txotx season)


Rezola produces premium cider.

12 bottles boxes.


A delicious traditional cuisine based on top quality

products from our region.